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Fake News: Why is Fake News Created?

Guide to navigating 'fake news' found primarily online.

Image: Banner image of fake news events from 2016

Fake News: Definition

fake news: false news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared online for the purpose of generating ad revenue via web traffic or discrediting a public figure, political movement, company, etc.

Time Magazine

'Fake News' Is Being Added To the Dictionary

HOWLER Tutorial

What motivates the creators of 'fake news' content?

Image: Links to video

From May 9, 2018

Image: Fake News tweet by Donald Trump

Media Help

Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Fake News Edition

Published by "On the Media", WNYC New York

CNN Commentary

The real definition of fake news - CNN Video. (2017, February 26). Retrieved July 10, 2017

Fake News: How It Operates

Understanding the Phenomenon

Mechanisms of Fake News & Case Studies

News Feed - Google News - Fake News Coverage

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