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Fake News, Misinformation & Disinformation: Tips for Spotting Fake News

Guide to navigating 'fake news' found primarily online.

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Information on the Web: Spotting Fake News

Deep Fakes

Image: Links to Washington Post article on deep fakes, or manipulated video

NPR's 1A on Fact Checking in the Age of Trump

Image: Links to 1A program on fact checking

Lists of Known "Fake News" Websites

Know the Issues & Check the Facts

What's Your Own Bias?

It helps if you first examine your own bias before you make judgments about the biases of others and of news sources.

Spotting Fake News Videos

Trevor Noah - Daily Show, January 21, 2019

Image: Links to video from the Daily Show on Comedy Central

CNN Video - Deepfakes videos: Inside the Pentagon's race against disinformation

Tip Graphics


Image: Icon of a person wondering about source

Consider the source

Click away from the story to investigate the site, its mission and its contact info.

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Check the Author

If the piece has an author, do a search to evaluate credibility. Is this person a recognized expert?

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Check the Date

Reposting older news does not mean its relevant to current events.

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Check your biases

Consider if your own beliefs could affect your judgment on this topic.

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Read Beyond

Headlines can be outrageous in an effort to get clicks. What's the whole story?

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Supporting Sources

Click links or search for any source information provided. Does the info support the story?

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Is it a Joke?

The story might be satire. Research the site to be sure.

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Ask the Experts

Ask a librarian, your instructor or a known expert or consult a fact-checking site.

Adapted from a graphic produced by the International Federation of Library Associations . For more information:

Deep Fakes - CNN

Inside the Pentagon's Race Against Disinformation (Deep Fakes)

Image: Links to webpage on CNN about deep fake videos

Hoaxy Tutorial