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English Language Learners (ELL): Articles: Print Collection

Starting points for finding information on learning English as a second language.


Madison College Libraries have a variety of magazines available for you to check out. These include news magazines such as:          


         Newsweek              U.S. News & World Report

 Time cover with Barack Obama         Newsweek cover with Steve Jobs          U.S. News cover with doctor pictured        

...and popular, general interest magazines, such as:

Sports Illustrated   Health Consumer Reports
National Geographic Essence Money
Men's Journal Marie Claire   Ebony

National Geographic cover with dog pictured          Consumer Reports cover with cell phone pictured             Sports Illustrated cover with Brett Favre pictured           Cover of Essence magazine

Articles from many more news magazines and popular magazines of all kinds, as well as thousands of articles from academic journals are available 24/7 through the Madison College Libraries online databases.


  • Print issues of a variety of scholarly and trade journals are available for check out. Subject areas range from Engineering, Renewable Energy, Dentistry and Nursing to Food Service and Child Care. 
  • Articles from many more scholarly journals are available online 24/7 through the Madison College Libraries online databases.
  • Click here for a complete listing of Madison College Libraries electronic scholarly and trade journals.


On this page we talk about magazines, journals, and newspapers. You'll also find the word periodical being used. 

A periodical is a publication that is issued or published at regular intervals (or "periodically"). This could be every day, once a week, once a month, or once every few months. Periodicals usually consist of a collection of articles. 

Magazines, journals, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals. Periodicals are also sometimes referred to as serials.


Reading a daily newspaper is a great way to improve your language skills.  The libraries subscribe to a number of print newspapers which are available for you to read in the library.

Student reading newspaper in library

Articles from many national, regional, local, and international newspapers are available through the Madison College online databases.