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History: African American: Film and Media

Libraries Research Guide: African American History

Media - A sampling of our library collection

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sample titles:

“Rise! (1940-1968): The African Americans—Many Rivers to Cross.” 

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“FedFlix: African-Americans in World War II: Legacy of Patriotism and Valor.” 

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Black Hollywood: The Way it Was, Part 1

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Considering Repairations: PBS Newshour

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Buffalo Soldiers: An American Legacy

(note: sound levels are very low. Turn up the volume!)

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Black America: Black America Since MLK - Part 2, Move on Up

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video from Films on Demand library database. Includes nine short segments on Martin Luther King, Jr., for February’s Black History Month. Stories include “King Holiday,” “MLK/Wreath-laying,” “Jackson/MLK,” King/Civil Rights,” “Reagan/Kids,” “MLK Bust/Capitol,” “Andy Young Reflects,” “MLK Celebration/Atlanta,” and “MLK Celebration/Washington, D.C.” From the National Archives and Records Administration.