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History: African American: 240 Pollack

Libraries Research Guide: African American History

census 1910 headers


finding historical census data

Select census year: 1900, 1910, 1920.

  • Race: enter "black" (or mulatto for 1910, 1920)
  • Lived in: enter "city" (county, state, country)
  • Search, adjust search and search filters if needed
  • Browse and view records returned



  1. Enter a city in the “Lived In” field, then check the “Exact to this place” box when it comes up
  2. Enter “Black” in the “Race” field, then check the “Exact” box when it comes up
  3. When a list of names comes up, click on a name
  4. When a census page comes up, please record:
  • Five names of people from different Black families on that page.
  • What percentage of people on that page are Black?
  • How many people are in the average household?
  • What are the age ranges in the Black households on that page?
  • Where were most Black people born on that page?
  • Where were the parents of most Black people on that page born?
  • What are the most common jobs that the Black people on that page were working?
  • What percentage of Black people on that page could read and write?
  • How many Black people owned vs. rented their living spaces?

Explore Census Data

1900, 1910, 1920

  • name
  • relation to head of the family
  • color or Race
  • sex
  • date of Birth / Age
  • family 
  • place of birth
  • father's place of birth
  • mother's place of birth
  • occupation, trade, or profession / employment status
  • education / language / immigration status
  • home owned or rented
  • farm or house
  • 1910: survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy, blind both eyes, deaf and dumb (however, numbers in these fields may refer to punch card processing done after the census)

What can you find out about their neighbors? Their neighborhood? 

Find a ward and/or district map online so you can see geographically where the census data came from

Can you find them or their family or neighbors in the next census? Observations? 

Can you find this neighborhood in the next census? Observations? 

What were the overall population demographics and trends for the city? 

bureau of the census seal