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Open Educational Resources: Open Education Week 2023

Resources for locating Open Educational Resources for Educators and Librarians

What is Open Education Week?

Every year, in the month of March, Open Education Global hosts a global week-long event called Open Education Week. Its goal is to raise awareness, showcase initiatives, and celebrate the impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide. During Open Education Week educators organize and conduct online and local events such as workshops, webinars, discussions, debates, and other activities for the public or specific audience, such as faculty or students.

All these events are listed on OE Global’s open education week website providing a forum for promotion, participation, and curation. Open Education Week has been running since 2013 and over the years has become a landmark event people plan for and anticipate. Open education week is one of the foremost global community events raising awareness and showcasing exemplary open education work around the world. Madison College Libraries is honored to participate. 

Madison College Library Events

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Open Educational Resources: building equity in education
Special Open Education Week event
Presenter: Rachel Becker
What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and what role do they play in building equity into the educational landscape? OER goes beyond cost savings and provides customizable content which can reflect historically marginalized voices and viewpoints. This presentation will provide a foundation on what OER are, how they are used, and their importance in equity in education. Practical resources and tips for incorporating diverse content will also be provided.
Audience: Everyone
Monday 3/6       2:00pm

Creative Commons Licenses: the basics
Special Open Education Week event
Presenter: Rachel Becker
You may have seen the term "Creative Commons" used to describe content online but what does it actually mean? Join this session to learn how the powerful Creative Commons license allows creators, educators, and learners to access and use content in ways traditional copyright doesn't allow. Leave the session with a digital reference toolbox of Creative Commons tools to start using CC licensed works and applying CC licenses to your own content.
Audience: Everyone.
Tuesday 3/7        10:00am

NEW! Using Open Access Resources for Research
Special Open Education Week event
Presenter: Rachel Becker
More scholarly content is being published Open Access (unrestricted and free to access) every day. This allows timely access to current research for everyone, including key topics such as health, climate data, and more. Join this workshop to learn how to discover Open Access content, and use it in research projects.
Audience: Everyone.
Wednesday 3/8        12:00pm

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“Open Educational Resource LibGuide” by Rachel Becker and Madison Area Technical College Libraries is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license.