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History: Vietnam: Films: Vietnam

Madison Area Technical College Research Guide: History of Vietnam

Books and Films: Vietnam

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Most books on Asian history will be located in the 900’s - primarily in the 950's. Vietnam - 959's.

Films on DVD


Feature Films: Vietnam War & Veterans

Students can check out DVDs from our Madison College Libraries for 1 week using your OneCard or a photo ID.

Streaming Videos from Films on Demand

The TV War: the Vietnam War

Image: Vietnam: The TV War screenshot


The Vietnam War: From Start to Finish

Image: Screen shot from video


Brothers in Arms - The Vietnam War

Brothers in Arms - The Vietnam War


Vietnam: Ken Burns. "Resolve: 1966-67"

Image: Screenshot from the film


On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam

Image: Screenshot from the video


Last Days in Vietnam

Image: Screenshot from video


Ghosts of My Lai

Image: Screenshot from the video

Search Kanopy

Kanopy videos

Films at other locations

Check with your instructor to see if these films, or others, might be acceptable. Films may be available at public libraries (see the South Central Library System Catalog link to the right), video stores, NetFlix, etc. Here's a few examples.: 

  • The Walking Dead (1995)
  • Rescue Dawn
  • Bright Shining Lie
  • Bat*21
  • Go tell the Spartans
  • Heaven & Earth
  • Hanoi Hilton
  • 84 Charlie Mopic