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Information Literacy @ Madison College Libraries - Faculty Info: English 1

English I Library Core Competencies

 In addition to the general information literacy competencies for Madison College Libraries...

The English 1 student will:


  • Investigate the role of the library in academic writing
  • Interpret an assignment to determine the kind of research required
  • Match information needs to appropriate search tools, such as library subscription databases or web search engines
  • Apply search techniques to execute basic search queries, such as generating search terms, simple Boolean logic, limiters, phrase searches, synonyms, truncation, or database filters
  • Demonstrate ethical research practices, including identifying and citing all sources used in their academic work, whether print, digital, or multimedia
  • Recognize what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid intentional and unintentional plagiarism in college
  • Use media ethically, documenting the creator and maintaining their copyright and intellectual property rights
  • Recognize misinformation, disinformation, deep fakes, satire, sensationalized journalism and clickbait
  • Use PROWL to verify sources, such as the reputation and expertise of the author, the publication or platform, and the quality of evidence presented
  • Utilize digital citation tools, such as the citation functions of library databases, or digital citation generators, such as MyBib, or citation style guides to credit the ideas of others
  • Examine the role of cognitive bias in shaping perceptions of information
  • Define basic principles, concepts, terminology, and technology related to Generative AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Demonstrate ethical practices if using generative AI in writing, including citation, avoiding plagiarism, respecting privacy, and adhering to ethical guidelines