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Information Literacy @ Madison College Libraries - Faculty Info: English 1

English I Library Core Competencies

 In addition to the general information literacy competencies for Madison College Libraries...

The English 1 student will:

  • identify keywords from a topic statement and find synonyms for those keywords
  • differentiate between keyword and subject searching in the Madison College Libraries Catalog
  • be aware of other catalogs and opportunities for retrieving those materials through interlibrary loan
  • know where to look for articles from Madison College Libraries subscription databases
  • know how to choose an appropriate database to conduct research on a topic
  • be able to perform an effective search of a library database
  • know how to access Madison College Libraries subscription databases from off-campus
  • will understand simple Boolean logic and database limiters to efficiently execute search queries
  • be able to scan citations for currency, authority, and related subjects
  • know how to print, e-mail or save full-text documents from subscription databases
  • recognize how to look for full-text of articles when not available in library databases 
  • be able to analyze books, articles, or web sites for authority, bias, and currency
  • determine if the information found meets their information need
  • be aware of citation management tools (e.g. Knightcite) to help create MLA, APA, or Chicago style citations