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Information Literacy @ Madison College Libraries - Faculty Info: Information Literacy: Evidence of Impact on Tutortrac

Image: Tutortrac data for 2017 fall and 2018 spring

Image: fall 2016 tutortrac numbers and 2017 spring numbers

Image: Tutortrac Impact 2014-2016Image: Spring 2015 Fall 2014 TT Numbers

The above data summary is based upon the student performance and persistence enrolled in those classes in which librarians worked with a minimum of 25% of all enrolled students.

Here is a list of those courses included in the above summary(33 different course in all):

 Business Trends andTopics, Environmental Science, History: Europe and the Modern World, History: Gender & Women, History of Western Civ., History of Sub-Saharan Africa, Intro to Human Services, Intro to College Writing, Intro to Recreation Management, Intro to Therapeutic Massage, History of the Making of Modern Europe, Medical and Psycho-Social Conditioning, Native American History, Nursing Management, Orientation to Associate Degree Nursing, Orientation to Human Services Population, Photo Composition, Small Business Development, Social Media Writing, Tech Sheet Metal, Trade Electrical, Vietnam/America 1945-Present, Agriculture, Food & Society, Info Tech Concepts, International Marketing, Presentation Design, East/West Worldview, Financial Analysis, Intro to Architecture, & U.S. Latino Literature.

What is TutorTrac?

TutorTrac is software designed to monitor the progress of students who received tutoring or supplemental instruction. At semester's end, TutorTrac reports how students performed relative to their peers that did not received help from a tutor or SI leader. The College's original setting for using TutorTrac was the College's Student Achievement Centers.

In our library setting, TutorTrac allows us to compare the grade performance and withdrawal rate of those students enrolled in a particular course who attended library information literacy sessions compared to those who did not attend an information literacy session.