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Ethnic Literature

Ethnic Literature

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Call Number Ranges

The books at the Madison College Libraries are arranged by the Dewey Decimal System.  Literature can be found in the 800s range.  Here is a breakdown of where you will find different literatures in the 800s.

As this course is focusing on English Literature written by American writers if ethnic decent, the best call numbers to look through are the following:

810 - American Literature in English

812 - American Drama in English

813 - American Fiction in English


Key Words

Mix and match the following key words, come up with some on your own, or use any individually in the search boxes below to find information on your topic. 

Affect African American
American Indians Artistic Expression
Asian American Black
Chicano / Chicana Civil Rights
Colonization Cultural Expression
Diaspora Diversity
Economics Ethnicity
Families Fiction
Finance Folklore
Freedom Gender
Globalization History
Human Ecology Immigration
Indigenous Latino / Latina / Latin@
Literature Manners and Customs
Modern Native American
Natural History Normal
Politics Queer
Racialization Racism
Race Social Construction
Social Life Sociology


Any nationality can easily be looked up - here are a few examples of keywords you can use based on different countries:

Chinese American

East Indian American

Filipino American

Hmong Americans

Italian American

Japanese American

Kenyan American

Korean American

...you get the picture  :)



Notable Books

Reference Resources