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iPads, Chromebooks, Nooks, Kindles, Tabs: Hotspots

Mobile Hotspots

Wifi signal

Hotspots available for check out at campus libraries


What’s a hotspot?

A small device that provides a WiFi connection to the internet through cellular data. Connect your phone, laptop, or other mobile devices for free internet access.

How long does it check out for?

1 week.

Where will the hotspot work?

Most places that cell phones do. Check for specific details on the model (Pocket WIFI).

How do I get one?

Search the catalog for “Pocket wi-fi mobile hotspot” for availability or ask at the circulation desk. Must present photo ID to check out and must return to the campus library you checked it out from.

2.4 vs. 5 GHz wireless frequencies

The hotspot gives you the option of 2.4 or 5.0 Ghz frequencies

2.4 generally offers slower speeds but covers longer distances. Some devices exclusively operate at 2.4 Ghz so there may be overcrowding on the frequency.

5.0 is generally faster but usually at shorter distances. Higher frequencies like this have trouble penetrating solid objects, such as walls.