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South Madison Campus Library: Online Testing Resources


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BrainFuse is an online tool that provides supplemental support for coursework in a variety of subjects and times.  Some of their most helpful testing resources can be found in the SkillSurfer.  You need to set up an account in Brainfuse.  The very first time you use Brainfuse you have to authenticate through Blackboard tools on your course page[s]. Be sure to remember your assigned login/password as it cannot be changed. Once you have done that you can login directly to Brainfuse through the library or student achievement center websites.  Click HERE to learn more.


Skill Surfer option

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*Some of these links may not work with Edge or Internet Explorer.  Please use Firefox or Chrome for best results.


Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library

LearningExpress Library has 10 unique "centers" to help learners prepare for a variety of standardized tests.  Some of the highlights include:

Career Preparation


Career Preparation: 

High School Equivalency Center


High School Equivalency Center

College Students


College Students:

College Admissions Tests:


You need to set up an account within Learning Express to access these materials.  You may use your College ID/Login for this account or another login of your choosing.