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Research Guide for topics related to the study of anthropology.

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This guide is for academic research related to the study of anthropology.  You will find links to research databases, free relevant and authoratative web sources, suggested films, both on DVD and streaming media, and links to other relevant library materials.  According to an article on anthropology in the Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia...

"The study of humankind. It investigates the cultural, social, and physical diversity of the human species, both past and present. It is divided into two broad categories: biological or physical anthropology, which attempts to explain human biological variation from an evolutionary perspective; and the larger field of social or cultural anthropology, which attempts to explain the variety of human cultures. This differs from sociology in that anthropologists are concerned with cultures and societies other than their own."

Credo Reference Books, The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather guide, 2010


Image of Man evolving superimposed on image of man filming a scene

Pencil Vs. Camera - 55. Ben Heine. Flickr Creative Commons, All Rights Reserved. 1 Jul 2011.

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Google Doodle, 'Lucy' anniversary

41st Anniversary of the discovery of Lucy. Google Doodle.24 Nov 2015.

See LUCY replica findings in the Madison College Truax Library, or look on the Skulls case tab of this guide.

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