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Student Achievement Centers: Writing Help

Writing Help From Our Libraries

Librarians to the Rescue

Do you need help getting started with your paper?  Are you unsure of the research process and where to find reliable sources?  Not quite certain how to cite sources?  If so, our  Madison College librarians are here to help you 7 days a week during spring and fall semester.  No appointment is necessary as we provide support when you need it.  They are highly trained to help you with:

  • finding a suitable topic and getting started
  • searching library and educational databases
  • locating reliable resources and information to use for your research
  • citing your resources properly and accurately
  • using Microsoft Word and other word processing software to format your paper

You are welcome to check out the print titles below, and many more,from our libraries to also supplement your work.

Online Support

Intensive Writing Lab Online

brainfuse online tutoring

Need help fast from off-site, try using Brainfuse.  This online service is free of charge and so easy to use.  For a thorough analysis, simply select “Writing Lab” from the launch menu and submit your writing via the secure messaging feature. Within approximately 24 hours of submitting your paper, you will receive a detailed analysis of your paper in your message center inbox. Brainfuse writing experts are trained to focus their analysis on voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and organization.  We also have on-site support for writing in our Student Achievement Centers


apostrophe/period cartoon

The following link provides a quick overview of punctuation.  The links below provide more detail for specific types of punctuation.

Good Word Guide.Bllomsbury;2011.. Credo Reference Database [Madison College Libraries]

Plagiarism in 2 minutes and 32 seconds

This video is provided by the Madison College Libraries and Commom Craft videos.