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English - Speech and Public Speaking: Web Resources

Collections of speeches as well as material to assist in the preparation of a speech

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Speech Collections on the Web

Image: Arundahnti Roy speaking at Harvard

Arundhati Roy speaking at Harvard, 2010.

Speeches by political and policy figures

Diverse Voices

Library e-Books with Speech Collections

Image: Choose a speech that is at least 2 minutes long, is interesting, was delivered in real life and has the transcript available.

A Few Political Speeches from 2016

Public Speaking Help

These sites offer information and tips on preparing and delivering speeches:

Learning Objects

Learning objects are short interactive educational multimedia modules. The following from Wisc-Online take you through the process of delivering a speech.

Commencement Addresses

Tammy Baldwin speaking - wearing graduation cap and gown


Ted Talks

Not all Ted Talks are available in 'audio' format, but many are.  This is a feed of the most recently added. To see more, click 'View website'.

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