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E - Videos

The Truth About Killer Robots

Image: Links to video "Killer Robots"

The truth about killer robots [Video file]. (2018). Retrieved February 11, 2019, from

Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age

Image: Links to video called "Swiped"

Swiped-Hooking up in the digital age [Video file]. (2018). Retrieved February 11, 2019, from

Replaceable Me

Image: Links to video

Dawn of the Driverless Car

Image: Screenshot from video, links to video

“Dawn of the Driverless Car.” Films Media Group, 2017

Rise of the Trolls

Image: Trolls video

“Rise of the Trolls.” Films Media Group, 2016

The Outrage Machine

Image: Click to view video - Gretchen Carlson on Fox News photo

“The Outrage Machine.” Films Media Group, 2016.


The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

Image: Links to video

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet: Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide. Films Media Group, 2016.


Being Alone Together - Bill Moyers & Co.

Image: Links to video

Moyers & Company: Being Alone Together. Films Media Group, 2013,.


Deluged by Data: The Infobesity Epidemic

Image: Links to video

Deluged By Data: The Infobesity Epidemic. Films Media Group, 2015.


Don't Trust the Promise of Artificial Intelligence: A Debate

Image: Links to video

“Don't Trust the Promise of Artificial Intelligence: A Debate.” Films Media Group, 2016.

DVD Videos

Frontline: Digital Nation: Call Number: 303.4834 F935D DVD (Truax)

Image: Digital Nation DVD

Frontline: The United States of Secrets. Call Number: 352.379 F935U DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover of United States of Secrets

​Code : debugging the gender gap. Call Number: 604.82 C669 DVD (Truax)

Image: Code DVD Cover

Soundbreaking : stories from the cutting edge of recorded music. Call Number: 338.4778 SO724 BLU-RAY

Image: DVD Cover of Soundbreaking

GMO OMG. Call Number: 664 G569 DVD

Image: DVD Cover for GMO OMG

How we got to now. Call Number: 338.064 H847 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover, How We Got to Now

Full signal. Call Number: 621.3824 F965 DVD

Image: DVD cover for Full Signal

Mobilize. Call Number: 363.1799 M687 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover for Mobilize

Ex Machina. Call Number: Ex, DVD Feature Films (Truax).

Image: DVD Cover Ex Machina

When strangers click: five stories from the Internet. Call Number: 306.730285 W567 DVD (Truax)

DVD Cover: When Strangers Click

We Live in Public. Call Number: 303.4834 W361 DVD (Truax)

DVD Cover: We live in Public

Her. Call Number: HER, Feature Film (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover of Her

We are legion: the story of the hacktivists. Call Number: 364.168 W361 DVD

Image: DVD Cover, We Are Legion

2001, a space odyssey. Call Number: 2001, Feature Films. (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover, 2001

Rise of the robots. Call Number: 629.892 R595 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD cover for Rise of the Robots

Wall-E. Call Number: WALL-E, Feature Films. (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover for Wall-E