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I'm not making trouble, I'm making progress

Image: Plays video on me too movement from PBS news hour

I'm Not Making Trouble. PBS Newshour Productions. 2018

Abortion: Stories Women Tell

Image: Screenshot from the video

“Abortion: Stories Women Tell.” Films Media Group, 2017.


Redefining What's Sexy in an Era of Sexting, Snapchat and Porn

Image: Links to video

Redefining What's Sexy In An Era of Sexting, Snapchat and Porn. Films Media Group, 2016.


Why the Major Abortion Case in Front of the Supreme Court Matters

Image: Links to video

Why the Major Abortion Case in Front of US Supreme Court Matters. Films Media Group, 2016.


Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me

Image: Links to video

Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me. Films Media Group, 2015.


Power and the World's Women

Image: Links to video

Power and the World's Women. Films Media Group, 2015.


Women in Politics: Makers: Women Who Make America

Image: Links to video

Women in Politics: Makers: Women Who Make America (Volume 2).


The Longest War: Women and Power (3 Part Series)

Image: Links to video series

The Longest War: Women & Power—Parts 1-3. Films Media Group, 2014.

Girl Rising (2013). 1 DVD, 103 minutes. Call number: 371.08352 G525 DVD

Image: DVD cover art

She's Beautiful When She's Angry (2016). 1 DVD, 92 minutes. Call Number: 305.4200904 SH554 DVD (Truax)

Cover: DVD

A girl & a Gun (2013). 1 DVD, 76 minutes. Call number: 363.330973 G525 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD Cover art

Killing Us Softly 4 (2011). 1 DVD, 45 minutes. Call Number: 659.1042 K48 DVD (Truax and Truax Storage)

Image: DVD cover art

Speed Sisters (2016). 1 DVD. 82 minutes. Call Number: 796.72092 SP742 DVD (Truax)

Image: DVD cover for speed sisters

Makers: Women Who Make America (2013). 1 DVD. 180 minutes. Call number: 305.40973 M235 DVD

Image: DVD Cover art

Lioness (2009). 1 DVD. 83 minutes. Call Number: 956.70443092 L763 DVD

Image: Cover of DVD Lioness