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Sociology: Intro to Diversity Studies: Home

Image: Diversity Studies Guide Banner

Library Materials

Who Am I? Think again.

Image: Links to video Who Am I? Think again


Class Divide

Image: Links to video, Class Divide


America in Black and White: The Conversation

Image: Links to video America in Black and White


Dog Whistle Politics of Race

Image: Links to Dog Whistle Politics video


Hispanic America's Turn

Image: Links to video on Hispanic America's Turn


Up Heartbreak Hill

Image: Links to video Up Heartbreak hill


Two American Families

Image: Links to video, Two American Families

The Talk: Race in America, 363.23089 T146 DVD (Fort Atkinson Library)

Image: DVD COver "The Talk, Race in America"


Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine Call Number: 364.1523092 M435 DVD

Image: DVD Cover of Matt Sheppard is a Friend of Mine

Lost in Detention - Frontline  Call Number: 325.73 F935L DVD

Image: DVD Cover of Lost in Detention

Ethnic Notions 305.896073 E84 DVD

Image: DVD Cover of Ethnic Notions - Links to record of DVD


Lady Valor: the Kristin Beck story  Call Number: 306.7680973 L157 DVD

Image: DVD cover of Lady Valor


A Class Apart Call Number: 323.1168073 C614 DVD

Image: DVD Cover of A Class Apart


Color of Fear 2  Call Number: 305.800973 C719C2 DVD (On Reserve @ Truax)

Image: DVD COver of Color of Fear 2


3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets Call Number: 305.800973 T531 DVD

Image: DVD cover for 3 1/2 minutes, 10 bullets


Code: Debugging the Gender Gap - Call Number 604.82 C669 DVD

Image: DVD cover of Code, Debugging the Gender gap