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Creator Studio: Creator Equipment

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Available Tools and Materials: How's it work?

Explore & discover!

While some equipment requires training (a video tutorial or workshop), most items and materials are freely available to tinker with and some items can be checked-out. 

Studio staff is always happy to help; we're exploring everyday, too-- just like you!

Image of Silhouette Curio machine

Silhouette Curio Cutter

Image of Mint stamp maker

Silhouette Mint Stamper

Photo of draw and sketch materials

Draw & Sketch Materials

Image of Wacom tablet

Wacom Tablet & Pen

Animation Studio

HUE Animation Studio

NSI Virtual Reality (VR) Eyes

NSI New Virtual Reality Eyes

Image of button maker

3-in-1 Bench Press Combo Button Maker

Image of 3D pen

Scribbler 3D Pen

Photo of games in Studio


Photo of puzzles in Studio

Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Image of Lego Mini Cooper

LEGO Creator: Mini Cooper (Expert Level)

Image of Raspberry Pi

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

Photo of Ozobot

Ozobot Starter Pack

Image of sewing machine

Singer Sew Mate 5400

Creator Studio

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