Data Dashboard: Annual Trends

Libraries and Academic Support Services Data Dashboard

Student Engagements for Libraries and Academic Support Services FY 2022-23

Total Student Engagements

Highlights (non-graphical)

82,713     Visits to our spaces

37,397     Remote logins to library resources

1,402       Spanish-speaking interactions

528,787   Libguide views

65,153     E-Book views/check-outs

14,654     Student phone calls

27,944      Ask A Librarian knowledge base views
       Physical collection check-outs

1,898        Navigate intake survey requests

Good news!  Students are coming back to campus as indicated by many key elements of annual quantitative report for FY 2022-23. They are using our spaces to study, work with a librarian or tutor, print or to login from our computer labs .The numbers are also showing a continued and robust use of online services and resources. 

The fall 2022 SSI survey (see pdf below) supports these numbers as the library and tutoring spaces received high satisfaction and importance ratings from students.  The library has been listed as a College strength since 2010. 

  • The library continues to outperform the national benchmark. 
  • As students progress to Term 3 students note an even higher importance and satisfaction for the library. We believe this is the result of our continual outreach to nurture program students through library instruction, our Personal Academic Librarian program and our liaison work with faculty.
  • Tutoring continues to increase in importance and satisfaction and now ranks among those with the smallest SSI gap.