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English 2 at Madison College

Students will use advanced research skills to write papers from across the curriculum. Research papers will be informative and persuasive in nature and will be based on topics from academic disciplines (social sciences, literature and the humanities, or science and mathematics). Students may also prepare annotated bibliographies and/or literature reviews. Students will conduct research using primary and secondary library resources, surveys and questionnaires, observation, and interviews and will use the MLA format and one other format (APA, Chicago) to document their sources. Students will be asked to prepare 25-35 pages of polished writing.

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English II Library Core Competencies


The English 2 student will:

  • be reminded of and be comfortable with the competencies set forth for English I students
  • understand the difference between scholarly/peer-reviewed sources and popular sources
  • recognize more advanced search strategies of catalogs, subscription databases, and web search engines
  • recognize and use thesaurus features of catalogs and subscription databases
  • understand that search results may be presented according to various ordering principles
  • use abstracts and reference notes from scholarly sources to expand or refine a search
  • recognize gaps in information and determine whether the search should be refined
  • distinguish between scholarly and popular information and appropriateness for the information need
  • recognize omission or bias in the coverage of a topic
  • understand annotated bibliographies and using citation management tools to help create them