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Creator Studio: About Us

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About Us: What is a Creator Studio

Welcome to the world of making. [quote] "It's a gathering place to tinker, partner and experience success and failures.  It's about trying.  It's about refining."Conceptually, it's not really a new thing. More modern approaches to "making" provide creators and makers an opportunity to explore, innovate and learn in a community environment--among their peers, librarians, teachers and experts.

While critical thinking, the kind you do in the classroom or library, is an essential lifelong skill, so goes creative thinking. Each is unique, but together, it's the killer combo for success. Todays' world needs computer geeks, writers, sewers, scientists and a whole lot more to contribute to the global society we live in today.

Are you the next Picasso? Steve Jobs? Benjamin Franklin? Harper Lee? George Washington Carver? Vera Wang? How will you know if you don't try?


Mission statement:

>> The Madison College Libraries Creator Studio is a place that encourages innovative thinking and creative exploration for group and individual learners. It is designed to build community and self-discovery by providing tools that offer hands-on experiences and learning.

>> The Studio is a safe environment supported by College librarians who will serve as guides and collaborators with students, faculty and the larger community to maximize potential and success in all people.

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