Sustainability Revolution

"The sustainability revolution is nothing less than a rethinking and remaking of our role in the natural world. It is a recalibration of human intentions to coincide with the way the biophysical world works."
--David Orr, preface, The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift

Web Resources

TripleCrisis Blog

The Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) joined with India's Economic Research Foundation (ERF) and the Heinrich Boell Foundation to launch the "Triple Crisis Blog."

The blog brings together sixteen economic analysts from nine countries to provide global perspectives on the crises in finance, development, and the environment.

Donella Meadows

Committed to living sustainably? Recognize the name Donella Meadows? If not, you'll want to spend some time at the Donella Meadows Institute site.

SI philosophy: "...unsustainability does not arise out of ignorance, irrationality or greed. It is largely the collective consequence of rational, well-intended decisions made by people caught up in systems – ranging from families and communities to corporations, governments and economies – that make it difficult or impossible to act in ways that are fully responsible to all those affected in the present and to future generations."

Founder Donella Meadows (1941-2001, born in Illinois, a fellow midwesterner) also wrote a Pulitzer-nominated column, the Global Citizen, which offered news commentary from a systems point of view.