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Book a Tutor: Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders

SI Leaders


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction is a resource available to students enrolled in specific courses.

Information about SI at Madison College can be found at

Ask your instructor or contact the SAC if you have questions about SI.

Fall 2022 SI Leaders

Stephanie O. 
Nursing Health Alterations

(Instructor: Jayne McGrath)

Katie L.
Nursing Health Promotion

(Instructor: Valeri Schuetz)

Clark P. 
Calculus Methods for Business and Social Sciences

(Instructor: Nataliya Batina)

Blake M. 
Nursing Skills

(Instructors:Jennifer Labs, Michael Redding, Mary Schwartz, Samantha Bauer, and Melissa Hauge)


Last updated 8/30/2022