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Academic Technology Launchpad: H Drive MAC

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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fileway iconYour H drive or Home Directory is a secure file storage space located on a college network server. When you log on to a computer on-campus with your username and password, you are automatically connected to your home directory. Off-campus, you can also access these files remotely using FileWay.


Saving your work - MAC

FileWay may be used to access your home directory using a MAC, whether on-campus or off-campus. Firefox is the preferred browser when accessing your home directory using a MAC and FileWay.

Most MAC users seem to find other storage media more useful than their home directory due to the space limitations.

USB drives and portable hard drives are frequently used.

You can access your home directory using a MAC using FileWay.

Keep your personal information secure. Be sure to remember to log out completely of any applications, including your home directory, especially when using a MAC on-campus.

fileway logoSave your work early and often, and backup your files. 

Save to your network H drive or Home Directory, a USB drive, and/or email a copy to yourself.

Do Not save to the hard drive or desktop of a campus computer. Your work will not be saved.