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Print Smart: Printing at Madison College: Reducing paper waste

Learn all about printing at Madison College. Also includes tips and tricks to print smart, utilize less paper and make the most of the resources available to you at Madison College.

Final numbers

All wasted printer paper in 1 pile with a scale next to it and yard stick in front of it

The pile of wasted printer paper weighs 96.2 pounds and is 3' 3'' tall. The paper was collected from paper left behind at the Truax Library printers from February 1, 2013 - May 3, 2013.

We'd like to say a big thank you to students--we noticed a significant decrease in wasted printer paper while we had the growing display of wasted paper up for our Print Smart campaign. Great job and continue to let us know if you have questions/issues printing in our libraries.

What is included in this stack?

The stack of wasted paper pictured ONLY includes...

  • printer paper left in Truax library at the end of the day and very casually collected throughout the day.

The stack of wasted paper DOES NOT include...

  • paper thrown away/recycled throughout day
  • paper waste in other Madison College libraries/labs
  • printouts collected by users that didn't necessitate printing
  • printouts that could've been printed more efficiently