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Brandon Whisenhunt (Spanish Support)

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Brandon Whisenhunt (Spanish Support)
Madison College South Library
Hello, my name is Brandon Whisenhunt and you may recognize me from either the Goodman South campus or Truax (if you’re there on Sundays.)

I am a graduate of Madison College having completed the liberal arts transfer program quite awhile ago. In addition, I have a BA in history and international relations from Edgewood College and I also have an MA in TESOL Education from Edgewood College.

I served in the US army for nine years including two overseas tours to the Middle East. I really loved the army.

I have also taught English abroad in both Mexico and Ecuador for two years each, which I also very much enjoyed.

I love working at Madison College because I also love learning. (It sounds so cheesy, but it is so true.)

I enjoy reading, jogging, traveling, cooking, baking, among other endeavors when I am not at work.

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