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Overdue Podcast: Memory of Water

A book lover's podcast for Madison College students, faculty and staff.


Overdue Book Club

Memory of Water

The Memory of Water (2014) is a novel set in a far distant dystopian future where global warming has already done most of the damage it can, submerging cities and drying up fresh water. China is now the planetary power; the political and cultural bully. Whole nations have been swallowed and never spit out, and one young woman in occupied Finland, is trying to uncover a secret and keep a secret, and honor the past and create a future for herself. Her name is Noria and she tells her story slowly, poetically, often touching into a bit of Taoism or some other unnamed eastern philosophy. Like water, the story isn’t always linear. Like memories, it gets a bit misty and doesn’t really take a solid shape. So, It feels foreign, which is good, but also a bit tricky in that the reader has a built in excuse to keep a safe distance from the setting and character. Despite that, the words on the page are pretty and they flow and I haven’t put it down yet.

We have concluded our reading of Memory of Water by Emmi Itaranta.  This beautifully written book was a delight to read, and a great way to escape from any stresses or pressures of life.  We had four different dates, and eight meeting times in March and April.  Please check back to see what the Overdue Book Club does in future semesters!

Tue., March 28th:  9-10 am & 2-3pm

Wed., March 29th:  9-10 am & 2-3pm

Tue., April 11th:  9-10 am & 2-3pm*

Wed., April 12th:  9-10 am & 2-3pm


The meetings listed above will take place in the Truax Creator Studio in room B3211 with one exception.

*The meeting listed in blue will take place in the Library Commons - just outside of the library.

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