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Academic Technology Launchpad: Connecting and Technology

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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There are two ways to access virtual desktops depending on the device you are using:

1. VDI Computers On-Campus

A VDI, Virtual Computing Device, Zero Client, or Cloud Computer is essentially a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected via the Madison College network to application servers. There is no tower attached. 

Everything runs on the servers, and the hardware does nothing on its own – it can only be used to connect to virtual desktops. 

You’ll find VDI Computers in our libraries, hallways, and in many labs and classrooms. 

  1. Log on using your usual college network username and password. 
  2. Select a Desktop - a collection of programs and apps.
  3. USB devices and headphones connect to the ports on the side of the monitor. 
  4. You will be automatically connected to our college printers. 
  5. Remember to always log off any computer you are using, and logout of any applications, to protect your personal information! 

vdi computer in the library


2. Desktop, Laptop or Mobile 

A View Client connects to the Madison College application servers using a software program - VMWare View - on a regular, physical desktop or laptop computer.

Access your virtual desktops on a physical computer using either the VMware View Client or HTML access.

On-Campus: Our college desktop and laptop computers have the VMWare View Client already installed.

Roaming Desktops and Remote (Off-Campus) Desktops are available for students in some classes.

Your instructor for the class will let you know if you are using a particular virtual desktop.

Due to licensing restrictions, not all applications may be available on roaming desktops. 

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