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Academic Technology Launchpad: MACs

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

MAC Resources at Madison College

lab photo with macs

The Truax Library has 8 MACs in the library computer lab and 1 MAC in a multimedia group study room. Priority use is for students requiring academic software specific to MAC. Various other campus classrooms may have MACs also.

Additional resources from Apple:

Saving your work using campus computers

Save early - Save often - and Check where you are Saving!

Do not save to the hard drive or desktop of a campus computer. Your work will not be saved. 

You can save to a USB drive or to your Home Directory / H Drive

Always check where your work is being saved. Use File-Save As...  If you open a document from email, blackboard or a webpage, it may automatically save to a temporary location and the file will be deleted when you log off.  

Save early- As soon as you start a document, save it.

Save often - Maybe every paragraph or so. 

Backup - email a copy to yourself or save in a couple locations.  

Tip: Protect your important data by making copies on 2 different types of media, 1 of which is in a remote location such as your Home Directory network storage. 

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