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Academic Technology Launchpad: How Do I? FAQs

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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Online Office 365 apps

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 Click the app launcher icon at the top left of your student email to see all your Office 365 apps and services. As a student you probably will use Mail, Calendar and People most often. 

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Login Issues?

  • If you just created your college account,  it may take up to 2 hours before you can access your college email account.
  • Make sure you are entering your correct username
  • Clear your browser history and cache, close the browser, and try to login again
  • Try another browser or another computer, if possible.
  • Change or reset your password
  • Check these additional browser settings: enable session cookies, enable JavaScript, and allow pop-ups.
  • Disable any plugins, toolbars, or add-ons which may interfere with college email. 

Multiple Outlook-based email accounts

If you use another Outlook-based email account, you can’t use them in the same browser at the same time.

Many other colleges, including UW, also use Office 365 student webmail. Sometimes you may click on your Madison College email account link and your other email account may appear, since your web browser is remembering that other account. 


  • Remember to log out of your student email accounts. 
  • Clear your browser history and cache and then log into the other account.
  • Or use one email with one browser and the other email in another. For example, use Firefox with your Madison College email account and Chrome with your UW-Madison email account. 

Missing emails?

If you are not seeing emails you expect to have received, here's what to try:

  1. Make sure the sender has your correct email address
  2. Check your Focused and Other Inbox and settings.
  3. Check your Clutter folder and settings.
  4. Check your deleted and junk email folders.
  5. Search your email.
  6. Check Filters and Sort By organization.
  7. Do you have any inbox rules set up?
  8. Did you inadvertently block a sender?

Faculty and Staff

Students use Office 365 webmail. Employee email will also be migrated to the cloud beginning June 16, 2017. Guide information may also apply to staff email. 

Quick Tip: Add Calendars

Import your Blackboard calendar: Get an iCal URL for importing your Blackboard Learn calendar into Outlook or another external calendar application. After the Learn iCal URL is set up in an external calendar, it is updated dynamically with new Blackboard Learn calendar events. 

Add your myMadisonCollege class schedule to your calendar 

After your schedule is set for the term:

  1. login to your myMadisonCollege (not the classic site)
  2. click on Class Schedule
  3. click on the Options (Gear) icon 
  4. choose Download Schedule 
  5. click the download icon for the term and save the schedule.ics file
  6. open your Outlook calendar and choose Add calendar - from File.
  7. or for other external calendar apps, follow the app instructions to add the calendar.