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Academic Technology Launchpad: Contacts / People

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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College address book or global address list

Contact information for our students, staff and faculty. The title beneath their name will tell you if they are a student or faculty/staff. 

To access the college global address / directory list, either:

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  • Click on To: in a new mail message window.
  • Click on the Plus + sign in a new mail message window. 
  • Select People/Contacts from theOffice 365 app launcher.   

Contact Lists / Distribution Lists

Contacts allows you to create a distribution list so that when you are addressing an email and select a contact list name, the email will automatically be sent to all members of the list.

From People/Contacts, Click Add (+), then select Create Contact List, Name the list and add members. 

Online Office 365 apps

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 Click the app launcher icon at the top left of your student email to see all your Office 365 apps and services. As a student you probably will use Mail, Calendar and People most often. 

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