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Academic Technology Launchpad: Calendar

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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Select Calendar from My apps my apps icons 

On the toolbar, you can select view options such as Day, Work, Week or Month.


Events you add to your individual calendar. Appointments can be a one time event, or scheduled to repeat on a regular basis. For example, you might add your classes for the semester to your personal calendar. 

  • On the folder list, click Calendar. The Calendar folder contents will display.
  • On the toolbar, click the New tool. An Untitled Appointment window will open.
  • In the Subject field, type the appointment name. The subject will eventually display on the calendar.
  • In the Location field, type the optional location. If filled in, the location will also display on the calendar.
  • Select a Start date and time by clicking the down-arrow and then clicking. Select an End time if necessary. If the event is all day, you can click the All day event check box.
  • Options: You can select a Repeat pattern, such as weekly or monthly, by clicking the Repeat button on the toolbar.You can adjust the reminder time or turn off the reminder.
  • On the toolbar, click Save and Close. The appointment will be added to the calendar.


A meeting is an event or appointment that includes others. When setting up a meeting, you select a time and subject, just as you did for an appointment, then you select attendees to invite.

To check attendees schedule's to determine if they are free to attend your meeting: Click the Scheduling Assistant tab. 

Online Office 365 apps

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 Click the app launcher icon at the top left of your student email to see all your Office 365 apps and services. As a student you probably will use Mail, Calendar and People most often. 

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Add Calendars

Import your Blackboard calendar: Get an iCal URL for importing your Blackboard Learn calendar into Outlook or another external calendar application. After the Learn iCal URL is set up in an external calendar, it is updated dynamically with new Blackboard Learn calendar events. 

Add your myMadisonCollege class schedule to your calendar 

After your schedule is set for the term:

  1. login to your myMadisonCollege (not the classic site)
  2. click on Class Schedule
  3. click on the Options (Gear) icon 
  4. choose Download Schedule 
  5. click the download icon for the term and save the schedule.ics file
  6. open your Outlook calendar and choose Add calendar - from File.
  7. or for other external calendar apps, follow the app instructions to add the calendar.