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Academic Technology Launchpad for Students: Browser Check

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

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1. Reliable Internet Connection

You'll need a computer with a reliable internet connection.

  • off-campus, be sure you have a reliable internet connection, especially when taking tests and quizzes in Blackboard.
  • on-campus, be sure to connect to the MC-Secure wireless. Do not connect to MC-Guest especially when taking tests or quizzes, viewing online videos for class, or using student email.

2. Compatible Operating System & Browsers

You'll want to make sure and use supported technologies  - especially when taking tests or quizzes.


Chromebooks are not a supported operating system for Blackboard, and are not completely compatible with all Blackboard features or some types of content added to Blackboard.

Tablets and Mobile: Some, but not all, features and content in Blackboard may be available on some devices. Do not use a Chromebook, tablet, or a mobile device to take a test or quiz. If you experience issues accessing Blackboard content, use a compatible computer and browser.

3. Software, Plug-ins and Additional Resources

Your course may have additional specific software or computer-related requirements.

  • Check the course information Blackboard webpages, course handouts, email communications from your instructor, and the class syllabus.
  • Students may be eligible to get some free or discounted software. Microsoft Word or a word processing program will be useful.

Some instructors add extra content to their courses, often from 3rd party systems beyond the college.

  •  Examples: MyMathLab, SoftChalk, MyLabs, videos, an online textbook publisher platform or other online learning activities.
  • The technical requirements for those systems might be different than the usual Blackboard settings. Be sure to read and follow recommendations from your instructor or that system provider.
  • Your instructor may include course materials that work better with certain browsers. For example, Soft Chalk may not work well with Chrome, even though Chrome is compatible with Blackboard.
  • Some content may not display on your mobile device. For example, Flash videos may not play on IOS devices.

Blackboard Update for Spring 2016 Courses

Blackboard will be unavailable during an upgrade to Bb 9.1 Q4 CU3 on Friday May 26, 2017 9:00 pm to Saturday May 27, 2017 1:00 pm. Blackboard will be available to Staff and Students on May 27, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Learn more

Scheduled Downtime - every weekday from 6:00 to 7:00 AM CST Blackboard may be offline for maintenance.  Do not use Blackboard during the maintenance window. Do not take quizzes during the maintenance window.