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Academic Technology Launchpad: Browser Check

Quick Guide to computer and academic technology resources for students.

1. Reliable Internet Connection

  • off-campus, be sure you have a reliable internet connection, especially when taking tests and quizzes in Blackboard.
  • on-campus, be sure to connect to the MC-Secure wireless. Do not connect to MC-Guest especially when taking tests or quizzes, viewing online videos for class, or using student email.

2. Compatible Operating System & Browsers

Use supported technologies  -  especially when taking tests or quizzes.


Chromebooks are not a supported operating system for Blackboard, and are not completely compatible with all Blackboard features or some types of content added to Blackboard.

Tablets and Mobile: Some, but not all, features and content in Blackboard may be available on some devices. Do not use a Chromebook, tablet, or a mobile device to take a test or quiz. If you experience issues accessing Blackboard content, use a compatible computer and browser.

3. Software, Plug-ins and Additional Resources

Your course may have additional specific software or computer-related requirements.

  • Check the course information Blackboard webpages, course handouts, email communications from your instructor, and the class syllabus.
  • Students may be eligible to get some free or discounted software. Microsoft Word or a word processing program will be useful.

Some instructors add extra content to their courses, often from 3rd party systems beyond the college.

  •  Examples: MyMathLab, SoftChalk, MyLabs, videos, an online textbook publisher platform or other online learning activities.
  • The technical requirements for those systems might be different than the usual Blackboard settings. Be sure to read and follow recommendations from your instructor or that system provider.
  • Your instructor may include course materials that work better with certain browsers. For example, Soft Chalk may not work well with Chrome, even though Chrome is compatible with Blackboard.
  • Some content may not display on your mobile device. For example, Flash videos may not play on IOS devices.