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Political Science: Election 2016

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Article Feed - 2016 Election for President



Image: Button of 'Your Vote Counts'

Image: Buttons from GOP candidates for President

Image: Election day cartoon: "You snooze you lose'.

Image: Cartoon of the importance of voter turnout

Nomination for the GOP and Democratic Parties: Primaries and Caucuses

Logo: New Hampshire Public radio logo for NH Primary

Logo: New Hampshire Public Radio

Articles: New Hampshire Primary


Photo: Logo for Iowa Caucuses 2016

Articles: Iowa Caucuses


News Media: Special Election Coverage 2016

Wisconsin Fall General Election Information 2016

Tuesday November 8, 2016



Internet troll tweet falsely stating you can vote by texting.

Google Doodle: VOTE!


Editorial Cartoon Takes

Image: Post debate spin of voters

Image: Trump looks at a list of his debate excuses

Image: spoof on Jaws. Hillary feeds a tiny 'email' fish to a large shark labeled 'Press'

Image: Trump asking a trick or treater (taxpayer) for his candy.

Image: Hillary ignoring regulations to use official email archive

Image: "Debate scares creepy clowns"

Image: Cartoon "I'm torn between the vanilla cone and the Jack O'Lantern filled with raw sewage"

Image: Cartoon "Never Hillary Never Trump"

Cartoon: Tom Toles - Trump as Joker commenting on donations to politicians

Image: Misgivings of voters in the wake of the ConventionsImage: Dems as Wizard of Oz characters


Image: Bernie Bro won't vote for Hillary, leading to a Trump Presidency

Image: Trump voter votes for him on foreign policyImage: Bernie bro demonizing Hillary Clinton

Image: Cartoon of Trump sacking a 'Republican Rome', claiming the damage brings in new voters to GOP