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A book lover's podcast for Madison College students, faculty and staff.

Madison College Libraries' Overdue Podcast

Introduction - Episode 0

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Our special guest today is librarian Erika Linzner. Today we’re going to check in with everyone and see how their summer reading is going. We’ll also have some interviews with some of our staff and students on what they’re reading or what they plan to read this summer. We’ll also have Waiting in Westeros, Trivial Observations with Mark, and our Anything Goes Recommendations.

Episode 6: Our special guest today is Madison College English instructor Marty Richards, winner of the 2017 Madison College Libraries Faculty Friend Award. Today on the podcast we’ll interview Marty, have a segment on the history of book clubs, a segment on summer reading, "Trivial Observations," "Waiting in Westeros," and our Anything Goes Recommendations. 

Episode 5: Our special guest today is Dr. Matthew Lazzara, a Weather and Climate faculty in the department of Physical Sciences at Madison College.  He is also a part-time Associate Scientist at UW-Madison and the Principal Investigator of the Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program and Antarctic Meteorological Research Center.  We’ll also have "Trival Observations" with Mark L. and our own "Anything Goes" recommendations, as well as an interview with student Lesley Guzman about her impressions on The Memory of Water. 

Episode 4: On this pod we’ll have a book club update with Dana, Facts about Finland (which is the setting of the book for the Overdue Book Club this semester, Memory of Water.  And we’ll have the segments "Waiting in Westeros," "Trivial Observation"s with Mark and our Recommendations.

Episode 3: On the show we have an announcement about our book cover contest by Dana, a water resources piece by Mark, a new segment by Dana and Kelley called "Waiting in Westeros" and a new segment from guest correspondent Professor Perkins. Also, we’ll have "Trivial Observations" with Mark and our "Anything Goes Recommendations."

Episode 2: Special guest Jennifer, the science and math liaison for our libraries, and we’re going to talk to her about recent developments in access to climate change information.  In addition to talking with Jennifer, we will announce the book you voted for to read for the Overdue Book Club, Cristina will have a segment on book covers, we’ll have some more "Trivial Observations" from Mark, and of course we will all share our "Anything Goes" recommendations.  

Episode 1: On today’s cast we’re going to discuss the Creator Space as well as our new book club.  Also, we have other segments such as “Getting Nerdy” with Dana, “Forgotten & Unloved with Mark, “Trivial Observations” with the other Mark, and one with our personal recommendations.

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Episode 3 Recommendations

Episode 3 Recommendations