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"E = mc²" by Gertrud K. is licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0

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Research Question: Is nuclear power a viable solution to global warming?

Example Keywords:

  • nuclear power AND global warming
  • nuclear power AND greenhouse effect
  • nuclear energy AND global warming

Example Articles found Performing Search across All EBSCOhost Databases:

  • JOURNAL ARTICLE: Sertyesilisik, B., & Melaine, Y. (2010). Nuclear power in the global warming era: Environmental, economic, and policy considerations. Environmental Quality Management, 19(3), 55-66. doi:10.1002/tqem.20253
  • JOURNAL ARTICLE: Diesendorf, M. (2007). Is Nuclear Energy a Possible Solution To Global Warming?. Social Alternatives, 26(2), 8-11.
  • MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Stieglitz, R., & Docksai, R. (2009). Why the World May Turn to Nuclear Power. Futurist, 43(6), 16-22.
  • NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Cooper, M., & Sussman, D. (2011, March 23). Poll Shows Public Is Losing Faith in Nuclear Power. New York Times. p. 15.

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