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Linking to EBSCO

Links to EBSCO databases

ebsco logoEBSCOhost Research Databases available through the Madison Area Technical College Libraries include: Academic Search, Alt Healthwatch, Associates Programs Source Plus, Business Source, CINAHL, Greenfile, Education databases, History Resource Center, Science Resource Center, Masterfile, PsychArticles, Literary Reference Center, and many more.

EBSCO Permalinks

  • A persistent link or permalink can be created to a particular article or publication in EBSCOhost databases. 
  • Anyone who uses a durable or persistent link must also have access to the database
  • Off-campus users must authenticate (log in with their college username and password) to Madison College Libraries through ezproxy
  • EBSCO permalinks tend to be reliable and relatively short, making them easy to work with.

To create an EBSCO permalink (durable url) that will allow off-campus access through EZproxy:

  1. Log in to EBSCOhost. When creating durable links, it is best to use the EBSCOhost link that is listed on the Madison College Libraries Find Articles page, and then select the specific database or databases to search. By navigating through the EBSCOhost link, the Madison College EZproxy prefix should already be added to the persistent links. If you select an individual database directly from the Find Articles page, you may need to use the URL creator to append the prefix.
  2. Locate an article or publication of interest. EBSCO citations include a persistent link or permalink to the article with the Madison College EZproxy prefix usually already added. Do not use the link from the browser address bar; Use the permalink that is included with the citation. Click the permalink button in the right hand navigation.
  3. Select and copy the entire permalink.
  4. Note: If the Madison Area Technical College EZproxy prefix is not already included at the start of the permalink, use the EZproxy URL Creator to append the prefix to the persistent link.
  5. Paste the entire permalink with the Madison College EZproxy prefix into your document, Blackboard, webpage, or email.
  6. Test the link.

Sample EBSCOhost Permalinks with the Madison College EZproxy prefix:

Link to an article: Yu-Chun, Kuo, et al. "Learning through Blogging: Students' Perspectives in Collaborative Blog-Enhanced Learning Communities." Journal of Educational Technology & Society, vol. 20, no. 2, Apr. 2017, pp. 37-50. EBSCOhost.,ip,cpid&custid=s6246812&db=a9h&AN=122353858&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Link to a publication: Searcher

Link to an image: 1805: American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark


Items and permalinks may also be emailed, or marked and saved to a folder by clicking the folder add icon. When you want to print, e-mail or save several results, you can save them to the folder, then print, e-mail or save the articles and/or permalinks from the folder. If you end your session, or it times out due to inactivity, the folder is automatically cleared unless you are signed in to your personal My EBSCOhost account (see below). A maximum of 50 items can be saved at one time.

Information about persistent links from EBSCO

My EBSCOhost personal account:

EBSCO also offers the option of setting up a personal account. Logging in to My EBSCOhost allows the user to save articles or searches with Permalinks to a personal folder. Items in the folder can be saved from session to session. Items in the folder can be printed, emailed or saved along with the Permalink URLs. Search alerts and RSS feeds can also be set up. Click on the Sign In link at top of the screen to access these features.

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