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Instructor Support

Library services and resources that may be helpful for instructors.

Library Instruction / Information Literacy

Did you know...Librarian working with student

In 2013/2014, 499 classes attended library information literacy sessions.  8220 students attended these trainings.

To schedule a library orientation or to bring your class for help on a research assignment, please use the Instruction Request Form or contact the librarian at your Madison College Campus. We are glad to help!

We offer:

  • Information literacy sessions that incorporate your curriculum and assignment goals.
  • Help and suggestions for creating research assignments that best utilize the resouces of Madison College Libraries.
  • Orientations to the specific library and information resources needed for your program.
  • Assistance with special topics for your students, such as critical evaluation of information, job-hunting online, career topics, help with the ethical use of information sources, tips for searching and using the features of the Library databases, and more.
  • Online learning objects, such as HOWLER (Help Online With Library Education and Research) modules for orientation to college-level research.

Madison College Libraries instruction follows the Information Literacy Competencies established by the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians. Librarians consult with the faculty member about the objectives of the session. Sessions can be one class period, part of one period, or spread out over more than one class meeting.

To optimize the instructional experience, we ask that instructors attend the library instruction sessions.

We reserve the right to cancel the session if an instructor is not present.

Students can also set up individual library research appointments. Use the Book a Librarian calendar to schedule a reference appointment or contact the librarian at your Madison College campus.

For more information, check our Information Literacy Research Guide.

Truax Instruction Room Guidelines

truax instruction room

The Madison College Truax Library Instruction Room (A3000B) is intended for scheduled library instruction sessions and library open computer lab overflow for students. Due to constant demand from students, this room is not available for staff training, testing, classroom use or other uses while school is in session.

Special events or staff training may be accommodated while school is not in session so long as library learners are not negatively impacted as a result.  The Director of Library Services reserves the right to limit or refuse use of the room when deemed necessary.

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