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Instructors: How to make the Brainfuse Online Tutoring Tool available in your Blackboard course

Instructors can choose to make the Brainfuse Online Tutoring tool option available for students in their Blackboard course. Here are 3 of the options depending on where you’d like to have the Brainfuse tool link added in your course: 

1. To add a link to the Brainfuse tool in any content area of a course: blackboard  content options screenshot

  • Choose Tools
  • From the dropdown option – be sure to select More Tools
  • From the next options Choose BrainFuse HelpNow SSO. Note: Don’t choose the first Brainfuse HelpNow link listed = without SSO. Be sure to click More Tools and pick the one that has SSO = Single Sign On -  titled Brainfuse HelpNow SSO.
  • Fill in the Link information as desired and click Submit. 

2. If you have a Tools content area already available for your student with other tools listed, you can have the Brainfuse Tool listed and available with the other Tools.

3. To add a link in the left course navigation specifically to the Brainfuse tool:

  • Click the Plus + sign in the left navigation bar of your course
  • Select Tool link.
  • Under Type – choose Brainfuse HelpNow SSO and type something in the Name field --- Online Tutoring or Brainfuse or whatever you’d like to title that link.
  • If the link is hidden from student view, link unavailable screenshotyou can make the link available by clicking the dropdown option and choosing Show Link.
  • Then you would have a link listed in the left navigation of your course. 

left nav screenshot


Our librarians can help answer your questions about BrainFuse: