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What's the link between entrepreneurship & libraries, anyway?

Libraries Represent a Small Business Support Infrastructure for Everyone

"Libraries meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, in every part of our nation. Regardless of past experience, an individual seeking to launch an enterprise can use library resources, technologies and staff expertise to engage in business planning, perform market research, seek capital investments, explore community connections, learn about intellectual property practicalities, prototype products and conduct day-today operations" (Wapner 1).

​Wapner, Charlie. The People’s Incubator: Libraries Propel Entrepreneurship. Washington D.C.: American Library Association. 2016.

The Madison College Challenge

The Madison College Challenge

If you are dreaming of owning your own business or need guidance for your current business take the Madison College Challenge!  

The Annual Madison College Challenge is a three phase business plan competition. Finalists have a chance to win upwards of a $5,000 cash prize.  For more information, directions on how to enter, and information on past winners, check out the Challenge page:

Teaching Entrepreneuship
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Idea Generation

Business journals and newspapers for trend-spotting and articles about new products/services. Selected journals include: Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Industry and Innovation, Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and MIT Technology Review. (Check to see if the library has an electronic copy of a journal/newspaper.)

Lists of companies ranked by various criteria.  Many publications such as Forbes, Inc. and Fast Company track fastest-growing and “top” companies in different locations or industries.  Search library article databases such as Business Source Complete or Business Insights Essential to find coverage of how other firms have made their mark.

Patents.  Reviewing recent patents can be a goldmine of ideas.

Creator Studio

The Madison College Libraries Creator Studio is a place that encourages innovative thinking and creative exploration for group and individual learners.  It is designed to build community and self-discovery by providing tools that offer hands-on experiences and learning through:

  • building
  • gaming
  • creating
  • reading
  • writing

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