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“…the art of the preparation, cooking, and presentation of food.” (Wikipedia)

The Culinary Arts Program at Madison College

For more information on the Culinary Arts program at Madison College, visit the program webpage to learn how to get an Associates Degree in Applied Science at the Truax Campus.

The Gourmet Dining Room at Madison College [Truax] provides students with an introduction to classical and ethnic cooking techniques common to full-service restaurants. The Gourmet Dining Room provides a simulated restaurant environment in which students can develop and apply their culinary skills. Invite your friends and enjoy this amazing dining experience!

ServSafe: National Restaurant Association logo

Before you head to work, get certified! 

Information regarding Food Manager Certification, or ServSafe Certification. This is a food safety training program required by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Division of Health, for all restaurant employees in Wisconsin. 


Enrichment Courses

In addition to classes within the Culinary Arts program, you can take a variety of food-related courses through Continuing Education (CE) and Enrichment opportunities offered at any of the Madison College campuses. 

Example CE Courses:

Culinary Baking Basics 1: Focuses on key baking principles, theory and terminology including measuring and scaling methods, mise en place, mixing and cooking methods, bakeware/equipment and baking safety. While exploring principles and theory, students will work individually and in groups to produce a variety of quick breads, cookies, bars and fruit desserts.

Knife Skills & SafetyWhile learning to dice, julienne and slice, improve coordination between hands and learn to cut ergonomically. Learn about various knives, such as the chef knife, paring knife, boning knife, using the C-claw or rocking motion, sharpening and more.

Sauce EssentialsA delicious well prepared sauce frequently makes the difference between a good meal and an outstanding meal. Students will learn traditional and modern sauce preparation and thickening methods, along with quality indicators and fixes/trouble-shooting tips for when results don't turn out as planned. Completing Culinary Kitchen Basics 1 & 2 before taking this class is recommended.

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Culinary Arts in the News

September 2016: Article in the Wisconsin State Journal details new Culinary Arts facility at Madison College, and how new (and returning) students will benefit from the updated, state-of-the-art spaces.

May 2016: Madison College is highlighted in a Capital Times article about FoodWorks: "a new initiative to give entry-level kitchen skills to unemployed and underemployed people of color, mentions collaboration with Madison College to develop a culinary school."

March 2016: Culinary Arts wins silver medal at regional competition. "Each team is required to execute a four course menu for four guests. They had 20 minutes to set up their kitchen and 90 minutes to finish. The plates get evaluated by ACF certified judges, leaders in the industry." Read more about the event in Matters.

Madison College culinary instructor Joe Gaglio is featured in the Capital Times about his involvement in “Kosher Chopped,” a local competition to be held at UW Hillel's on-campus Jewish restaurant, Adamah Neighborhood Table. Paul Short, culinary arts program director, is also participating at the event, as a judge.

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