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Creator Studio: FAQ's


  Do I need my ID to use the Creator Studio?

Student ID, or OneCard, is not required to use the Creator Studio space itself; however, there are some items you can checkout. To checkout an item you will need your OneCard or photo ID (e.g. driver's license).

  What are the basic Creator Studio guidelines?

Be creative.  Take care of the space.  Don't be wasteful.  Be safe.  Build community.  Ask for help.  

   Do I need training to use equipment in the Creator Studio?

Yes, some of the equipment requires training before use.  Depending on the item, you may need to watch a video tutorial and/or attend a workshop to learn how to use it.  Studio staff will also be available for assistance.

Coming soon, the Creator Studio will offer badging.  You will be able to earn a badge in both proficiency and accomplishment.  Badges are not grades, rather Creator Studio Pride!

  Are there computers in the Creator Studio?

There are two computer stations in the Creator Studio: one is a PC and the other is a Mac.  You may also bring your own technology (BYOT); be sure to connect to MC-Secure wireless.  There is also a large flat screen TV.  At times, we may have library laptops, ipads and ereaders available for our users.

  Can you print in the Creator Studio?

Yes, you can currently print in black & white. Color and 3D printing is coming soon!

Print Smart usage and charges apply as they do elsewhere across campuses. For example: it costs 5 cents to print B&W, 50 cents for color, and 3D printing cost soon to be determined

   How can I make a suggestion to the Creator Studio?

We would love to hear your feedback!  Fill out the following short form to share your suggestions.

  Can I study in the Creator Studio?

Well, the space is not really conducive to studying.  Our space is pretty limited and it is an active space with lots going on.  So we expect those using the space are actively creating and making.  The library offers you a much better option for studying.

  Can staff use the Creator Studio?

Madison College staff is welcome to enjoy the Studio.  Of course, students get first priority use, but we hope we can accommodate everyone who wants to be a part of the Studio experience.

  Are children allowed in the Creator Studio?

Not at this time.  We do hope to be able offer a few "kids" events during these pilot months.   So be sure to keep a look-out for news on that via our social media sites.