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Creator Studio: Badges

Coming  in Fall 2017!

What's a badge?

A badge in the Creator Studio indicates a level of use and/or knowledge in using equipment, software, or unique tools.


There are two badge levels:

1)  Proficiency badge. This badge is earned when you officially learn how to use an item. This could mean that you completed a tutorial on how something works or attended a Studio workshop. When you fulfill proficiency tasks in the Studio, you will be better prepared to create or explore.

  • Proficiency isn’t about creative perfection, it is understanding the basic functions and learning how to do something safely.  


2)  Accomplishment badge. This badge is acquired as a symbol of personal achievement for creating something. There are no grades in the Creator Studio. This badge is meant to be a symbol of pride in your own work.

  • Accomplishment is about understanding the process of creating something and learning from the creative steps and stumbles throughout.

Why get a badge?

1)  Safety. We want your time in the Creator Studio to be a rewarding experience. This means making sure you have basic how-to knowledge of all the tools you choose to use. When you learn how something functions you are better equipped to tinker and be your most creative self.


2)  Pride. When you accomplish something, that feels good - brag a little.

Badging encourages:

Adding expertise to your resume 

Participation and engagement skills 

Building practical life skills 

Developing a knack for something new 

Exploring untapped talents 

Gaining independence

Having hands-on experience to innovate