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Team of the Year 2014

Madison College Team of the Year 2014

Librarians in the Information Age

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Truax Library Staff

Cristina Springfield Staff PhotoCristina Springfield, MA-LIS
(608) 246-6637
Student Achievement Center / Technology Support / South Library


Dana Ryals Staff PhotoDana Ryals, M.L.I.S.
(608) 246-6649
Collection Development / Virtual Library/ I.L.L.
Evening & Saturday Librarian


Donna Marconnet Staff PhotoDonna Marconnet
(608) 243-4085
District Libraries & Academic Support Services
Technologies and  Lab Coordinator



Erika Linzner Staff PhotoErika Linzner, MA-LIS
(608) 246-6659
Circulation Supervisor / Reserves


Jennifer Kasch Staff PhotoJennifer Kasch, MA-LIS
(608) 243-4768
Social Media / Reference / Instructor Support



Kelley Minica
(608) 243-4086
InterLibrary Loan

Kris Glodoski Wolf Staff PhotoKris Glodoski Wolf, MA-LIS
(608) 243-4087
Metro / Northern Region Support



Lisa Mueller Staff PhotoLisa Mueller
(608) 243-4656
Libraries & Academic Support Services
Administrative Coordinator


Mark Perkins Staff PhotoMark Perkins, MA-LIS
(608) 246-6923
 District Cataloging / Acquisitions Coordinator



Matthew Coan Staff PhotoMatthew Coan, MA-LIS
(608) 246-6639
District Information Literacy Coordinator



Renee Anhalt Staff PhotoRenee Anhalt, MA-LIS
(608) 246-6927
Serials / Cataloging Support



Metro and Regional Library Staff

Dean, Libraries & Academic Support Services

Julie Gores Staff PhotoJulie Gores, M.L.I.S
(608) 246-6633
Dean, Libraries & Academic Support Services


Student Achievement Centers Manager

Gail Staff photoGail Powers-Schaub, M.S.L..
Libraries & Academic Support Services
(608) 246-6634