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Overdue Book Club: Memory of Water

A book club for Madison College students, faculty and staff.

Overdue Book Club

This semester's theme is cli-fi, or climate fiction.  

We will discuss this theme through reading The Memory of Water by Emmi Itaranta

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Memory of Water

The Memory of Water (2014) is a novel set in a far distant dystopian future where global warming has already done most of the damage it can, submerging cities and drying up fresh water. China is now the planetary power; the political and cultural bully. Whole nations have been swallowed and never spit out, and one young woman in occupied Finland, is trying to uncover a secret and keep a secret, and honor the past and create a future for herself. Her name is Noria and she tells her story slowly, poetically, often touching into a bit of Taoism or some other unnamed eastern philosophy. Like water, the story isn’t always linear. Like memories, it gets a bit misty and doesn’t really take a solid shape. So, It feels foreign, which is good, but also a bit tricky in that the reader has a built in excuse to keep a safe distance from the setting and character. Despite that, the words on the page are pretty and they flow and I haven’t put it down yet.

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A book club for students, faculty, and staff of Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin. We welcome anyone else that would like to join the conversation as well.

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