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A book club for Madison College students, faculty and staff.

Overdue Book Club

Check back soon to see our Summer Reading list!


The Overdue Book Club had another great semester!  We want to thank all of the students, faculty, and staff that participated in reading the book with us.  We know we enjoyed it, and hope you did as well.  A special thanks goes out to Dr. Matthew Lazzara, guest speaker on Episode 5 of the Overdue Podcast, Lesley Guzman, student guest on episode 5 of the Overdue Podcast, and Jennifer Kasch, librarian guest on episode 2 of the Overdue Podcast.  

Stay tuned, as episode 6 will be recorded soon, and in it, the Overdue Book Club will discuss Summer Reading!

What are your summer reading goals?


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A book club for students, faculty, and staff of Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin. We welcome anyone else that would like to join the conversation as well.

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